Wall layer area and volume
(by F.Salla)

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This script calculates the VisualARQ's wall layers’ areas and volumes based on a specific layer name.

  1. Type the wall layer name
  2. Click on the Update Property button to run the script.

This Grasshopper definition identifies the Breps that are generated from VisualARQ wall layers, filtered by the wall layer name, and calculates their areas and volumes.

The script also generates a new Document parameter with the name of the layer followed by "area" or "volume".

When pushing the Update property button, the calculated values are assigned to the wall objects in the model (that have at least one layer with the given name), under the new document parameters.

Since the value is assigned to the object, that new parameter can be listed in VisualARQ table.

It is necessary to have VisualARQ 2.13 (or later version) to run this Grasshopper definition. (https://www.visualarq.com/download/)



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