Level Reference Elevation mark
(by F.Salla)

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Collection of 3 Annotation styles for the Level's Reference Elevation mark. Each one shows the elevation and the level where this annotation is located.

It is necessary to name the Building as "Building" in the VisualARQ Level Manager in order to display the Level's name on that elevation mark.

These styles are made with the same Grasshopper definition. Only the parameter "Symbol Type" changes from one to another.

(Warning: this style is not currently working in documents in Imperial units.)


Object type: 

  • Annotation


  • 2D Symbol
  • Elevation line
  • Hatch
  • Elevation's Text
  • Level's Text


  • Elevation line length
  • Symbol type (Triangle, VisualARQ's Level Reference mark, or Circle (Revit's alike))
  • Symbol Size
  • Filled or not
  • Text dimensions and offsets
  • Elevation text Prefix and Sufix
  • Vertical and Horizontal Offsets for break points along the Elevation line
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