2 Horizontal leaves window
(by F.Salla)
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Simple window composed by 2 horizontal leaves, one fixed, other one that can open in different directions (swing, awning and hopper)


Object Type: 

  • Window


  • Frame
  • Opening Leaf
  • Opening Leaf Glass
  • Fixed Leaf Glass
  • Horizontal Mullion


  • Aperture (%)
  • Overall dimenions (height and width)
  • Frame dimensions (width and depth)
  • Opening leaf aperture type (Hopper, Swing left/right, Awning)
  • Opening leaf height
  • Opening leaf frame dimensions (width and depth)
  • Window frame dimensions (width and depth)
  • Horizontal mullion dimensions (Width and Depth)


You need to run the vaStylesImport command to import this style into your document.

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