Super Delaunay
(by daniel gonzález abalde)
2D Weighted Voronoi / Power Diagrams for Grasshopper
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It allows to compute the 2D power diagram on a set of weighted points and returns: weighted voronoi, minimum spanning tree, relative neighbourhood graph, nearest neighbor graph, urquhart graph, beta skeleton, primal and dual thickener and more.

For more info please visit the github repository.

To install (as usual with .gha files):

  1. Unzip file.
  2. Make sure SuperDelaunay.gha is unlocked, right click > Properties > Unlock (if visible).
  3. Copy and paste it in the Grasshopper Libraries folder, usually: C:\Users\<YourUser>\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries.
  4. Restart Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.
  5. Component is located at Mesh Tab > Triangulation panel.

Tested for Rhino 6.