(by mahdiyar)
The seal is a plug-in for Rhino to add up some entertainment to our daily works. This is a package of a few well-known old games which we all may have some memories of them.
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Since we use Rhino as our main modeling software and are aware of the opportunities it proposes, we have decided to set up numerous conventional games for Rhino software in terms of adding some fun to the usual daily works by them. Our aim is not only to practice coding but also to share our experience and outcome with others as an open-source plugin in order to help other Rhino developers to get inspired and develop different ideas. It is obvious that our purpose is not to develop professional games, but to benefit from Rhino potentials to find some entertainment!

This journey has been started by Dots and Boxes and will continue to other ones or update them. So, stay tuned and check Food4rhino and GitHub to access the latest versions of our games.


  • Mehrzad Samadi
  • Atoosa Sarrafi
  • Atrin Poursadrollah


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