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Includes general purpose components in math and geometry and fulfills missing necessities in Grasshopper.
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IAC is a plugin that includes components for general purposes in mathematics and geometry, fulfilling missing necessities in Grasshopper as well as considering improvement in the acceleration of data processing time.

This plugin has been written by the participants of the workshop "Rhino & Grasshopper Scripting & plugin development". The participants of this course, who are also users of Grasshopper, based on their experience with the program, have produced components which their existence can facilitate and accelerate the algorithm writing process in Grasshopper.

The current components are the results of this course to date, more components will be added to this plugin in the future.

Participant in alphabetical order:

  • Parisa Afshari
  • Ghazaleh Elyasi
  • Maedeh Fallah
  • Mohammad Mehdi Jalali
  • Atena Meshkat
  • Laleh Moradi
  • Hamid Peiro
  • Ali Sa'adati
  • Helia Zakeri
  • Fatemeh Zarei
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IAC V0.4 Beta
Grasshopper for Rhino 7 for Win
Grasshopper for Rhino 7 Mac