Draw User Texts
(by TomKod)
Automatically insert text annotations based on the curves' usertexts.
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This plugin for Rhino brings several life changing tools for your 2D drawings: automatically insert texts based on the curves' usertexts (Or Names/LayerNames), simplify your drawing, and preview the result.
Our text positioning system will output the cleanest result possible, to make you save as much time as possible.



  • DrawUserTexts: Automatically annotate your 2D drawing with the values of a specific usertext. The object’s name or its layer name can be used.
  • OutLineToLine: Simplify an outlined drawing to “single-line” drawing
  • Display a real-time preview of the result
  • Smart positioning system for texts: depending on the text’s size and font and the curve length, the texts are automatically inserted at the best location, along the curve or with a leader if needed.