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this program creates details from one or more objects in a new layout view. other objects will be hidden.

What this programm is able to do:

  • creating layout pages simple and fast
  • the name of the layout is displayed as a header on the page
  • creating detailviews with only one or more objects
  • output of the objects dimensions as a text line
  • output of the drawings name and date as a text line


  1. save make_detail.py on your computer
  2. go to options aliases (verweise)
  3. create new alias f.i.: gg (shortcut) !-_runpythonscript "C:\path_to_your_file\make_detail.py"
  4. now you can use program by typing gg in the commandline

How to run the script:

  • select one or more objects
  • type your shortcut and then enter
  • type the name of the layout (You cant type spaces), enter
  • type enter to accept the default value for details, all will be created immediately
  • for your own layout type the mode as shown below

How to create personal layouts:

  • t = top
  • p = perspective
  • f = front
  • r = right
  • . (point) is the separator for rows


  • t = only one detail with top view on layout page
  • tf = two details in one row
  • tp.rf = four details in two rows

Try it and save time. 

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