Solution Async
(by 秋水)
Make Grasshopper UI responsible during the solution.
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Make Grasshopper UI responsible during the solution. On the other hand, the document's solution state will never be process! That's the loss.

You can change level to make the solution's order much better, which can save your time. And the preview will refresh when solution down.

1.1.3 Notes:
  1. Move Collecting Date to main thread.

1.1.2 Notes:
  1. Fix recalculating bug.

1.1.1 Notes:
  1. Fix dead looping bug.

1.1.0 Notes:
  1. Stop the component calculating on run count changing when create new solution.
1.0.3 Notes:
  1. Add a computing state visualization

1.0.2 Notes:
  1. Add a button about whether to refresh canvas every level.

  1.0.1 Notes:
  1. Remove the RedrawAll method replace.

  1.0.0 Notes:
  1. Fix the bug that index out of range.
  2. Fixed the bug caused by using async state transitions while computing.

  0.9.3 Notes:
  1. Add a skip feature.

  0.9.2 Notes:
  1. Compatible with cluster.

  0.9.1 Notes:
  1. Add an open button.
  2. Make it can auto stop computing.

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