Persistent Data Editor
(by 秋水)
Make persistent data much easier to set.
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Settings are under Display Menu. You can read on GitHub.

It contains three features, Component/Parameter's layout changes, Parameter's Persistent data Control and Advanced Gumball. The latter two are the most important.

Layout Change can change your component's style, also can add an icon on each param of component.

Param's Control can make you quick set persistent data. Left click on text box can change the value, also can undo it. Right click on control can add a Component to set the params. You can also change control's type on settings.

Advanced Gumball can be use in any geometry persistent param.

Special thanks to linluz for improving the efficiency of this program.

1.1.4 Notes:
  1. Improve efficiency.

1.1.3 Notes:
  1. Hide control when geometry param is referenced.
  2. Default value will auto set when set one value on single control.

1.1.2 Notes:
  1. Fix with VB component.

  1.1.1 Notes:
  1. Add a feature to only show selected control.

  1.1.0 Notes:
  1. Add a feature to auto apply the value in input textbox.

  1.0.11 Notes:
  1. Fix the bug that right click Param_Color can't create a color swatch.

  1.0.10 Notes:
  1. Fix the bug that copying Path Mapper without Lexers.

  1.0.9 Notes:
  1. Fix the breakdown when script component changing type hint.
  2. The Editor will unable when the document object locked.
  3. Halve color's alpha when the document object locked.

  1.0.8 Notes:
  1. Make Enum control's width can be controlled by text max width.
  2. Expression editor will open when double click on the pression param.

  1.0.7 Notes:
  1. Fix the bug that preview mesh will twinkle when document is looping or using kangaroo.
  2. Make Control irresponsible when zoom is less than 0.6. 

  1.0.6 Notes:
  1. Make gumball hide when the param has sources.

  1.0.5 Notes:
  1. Fix the mouse down bug when canvas was created without a document opening.
  1.0.4 Notes:
  1. Make Computing Faster.

  1.0.3 Notes:
  1. Make Gumball Pop-up window topmost.
  2. Fix the Gumball's preview can't disappear when done.

  1.0.2 Notes:
  1. Add gumball preview.
  2. Change name. 
  3. Remove quick wire feature.
  4. Add canvas tool bar buttons.

  1.0.1 Notes:
  1. Add advanced gumball.
  2. Change the way Quick Wire is used. 
  3. Fix the "{}" missing.
  4. Make Menu smarter. 
  5. Make Param's Icon clear.

  1.0.0 Notes:
  1. Add an arc control
  2. remove general control from some type that can't be created by string.
  3. Fix the mesh face's "{}" missing.
  4. Add a secondary directory for quick wire. 
  5. Add list and tree quick wire.
  6. Fix some param's quick wire editor window such as views' can't open.
  7. Add an auto-fit for path mapper and number slider.

  0.9.2 Notes:
  1. Controls will only be used when param is item access.
  2. Fix general param only access integer bug.
  3. Fix the copy component may don't have control bug.
  4. Less use of memory.
  5. Add an option to choose whether use script control.
  6. Add a slider control.

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