SeaHorse Hydrostatics
Extended hydrostatic analysis for boat hulls
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SeaHorse Hydrostatics is a Rhino plugin providing extended hydrostatic analysis for boat hulls. The plugin exposes a single main comand - shHydrostatics. Version query is available via the shVersion command. SeaHorse Hydrostatics is free to use, however consider donating to support further development.

Typical input characterisitcs:

  • closed surface or polysurface
  • the World XY plane is considered to be the water plane, so input must not be placed below or above the World XY plane
  • bow must point towards the Origin of the World XY plane in order to get a correct rocker entry and exit angle
  • sail area input is optional (in sqm, independent on document units)
  • meshes are not supported


  • LOA
  • BOA
  • LWL
  • BWL
  • Draft
  • CoB/WL
  • CoB location
  • CoF/WL
  • CoF location
  • Hull entry angle (given the fact that most boat hulls have a rounded entry at the rocker tip, the entry angle is given by a tangent vector a little bit behind the bow lower tip, that actual distance is now fixed, but could be an open parameter if requested)
  • Hull exit angle
  • Displacement
  • Per inch immersion
  • Hull area
  • Wetted area
  • Max underwater cross section area
  • Water plane area
  • Prismatic coefficient
  • Waterplane coefficient
  • DLR
  • SLR
  • Displacement speed (classic theory and light displacement craft)
  • Sail area/displacement ratio
  • Sail area/wetted surface ratio
  • Bruce number
  • Displacement curve (if the displacement curve presents kinks and weird turns, try tightening the document tolerances)
  • Center of buoyancy
  • Center of flotation
  • A .csv file containing the analysis results

Further coefficients can be implemented on request.


  • download the installation package to your preferred location
  • double-click the installation file you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions

For feedback and technical support use the comments box below or contact me @ VIZIBLE.


License Cost:
SeaHorse Hydrostatics 1.0
Rhino 5 for Win
SeaHorse Hydrostatics 1.1b
Rhino 5 for Win
SeaHorse Hydrostatics 1.4.2b
Rhino 5 for Win
SeaHorse Hydrostatics 1.44b
Rhino 5 for Win
SeaHorse Hydrostatics 1.5b
Rhino 5 for Win