SeaHorse Hulls
Parametric modeling plugin for catamaran hulls.
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SeaHorse Hulls is a parametric modeling plugin for catamaran hulls. The demo version exposes only a few parameters, limiting the family of possible shapes. The plugin exposes a single comand - shHulls. The default values produce a hull with a Cp around 0.64. SeaHorse Hulls demo is free to use, however consider donating to support further development of the free version.

Input parameters:

  • waterline length
  • waterline length/waterline beam ratio
  • bow sink
  • shear line height
  • hull draft
  • max draft location
  • rocker volume distribution - N/A in demo
  • transom fatness - N/A in demo
  • prismatic coefficient - N/A in demo
  • deck line rise - N/A in demo
  • wavepiercing control - N/A in demo
  • freeboard flare - N/A in demo
  • freeboard volume distribution - N/A in demo
  • more control can be implemented on request


  • closed polysurface defining the hull shape


  • download the installation package to your preferred location
  • double-click the installation file you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions


  • available at

For feedback and technical support use the comments box below or contact me @ VIZIBLE.