SeaHorse Foils
A plain and simple NACA section generator for Rhino3D.
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A plain and simple NACA section generator for Rhino, it exposes a single command, "shFoils". For the moment, only NACA 4 digit sections are implemented, however, 5 digit series are planned to be released as well as a Grasshopper component. The generated sections are placed with the leading edge tip in the origin. SeaHorse Foils is free to use, however consider donating to support further development.

shFoils options:

  • Chord - specify chord length
  • Thickness - specify profile thickness as a percentage
  • Max Camber - specify maximum camber
  • Max Camber location - specify location of maximum camber

I have tested this project, but it is the first release and it might contain bugs. Please use it "as is", it does not come with warranties. 

To install:

  • copy the SeaHorseFoils.rhp file to your favourite Plugin folder
  • after you placed the file where ever you like, drag it into a Rhino window

Note :

  • not compatible with Rhino for OSX
  • not compatible with Rhino 4

Florin Isvoranu | VIZIBLE