(by forest hell)
Extract Curves along with colors from Raster Images. Now compatible with ShapeDiver!
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Rooster is a plugin useful for extracting curves from images; a process commonly known as Vectorization of an image.

The Rooster component is present under the ‘Params’ tab in the ‘Utils’ sub-category.

The component can also output colors extracted from the image for each output curve.


Rooster is now supported by the ShapeDiver Platform!

Download the ShapeDiver Plugin from Food4Rhino


Rooster is also compatible with the Bitmap Parameter and the modified version of Squid included with the ShapeDiver installation.

To learn more about how to use Rooster, check out this blog post.


Developed by Foresto Shen and Praneet Mathur [for ShapeDiver GmbH]


This plugin utilizes the following:


Rooster is an Open Source plugin (GNU GPL 3.0). Source code available at and 

License Cost: