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Tool to get mouse&keyboard input
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InteracTool contains 2 component that enable you to get the mouse/keyboard input in rhino.

Mouse Event

Ln is the client to world Line, use this Line to intersect with whatever you want.

Pt is intersection Point of Ln and the current construction plane.

SPt is the screen-oriented point, it can be combined with other plugins, like human's render text to screen, to create something like custom conduits(you probably won't use it in parallel view).

Btn & Doubled shows currently clicked mouse button state.

The component gets updated whenever the mouse is moved or clicked. If input = 2 it will only respond to mouse click.


Keyboard Event

If Input "Key" doesn't receive any input, Output Current will show current key name you press (which is the correct name to feed the "Key" input)

If supplement specific keys For "Key", the Current will be disabled and "Press" will show the

Output Toggle is used to detect whether specific key, e.g. the CAPS LOCK key is toggled.

Right Click on the component menu to Hide Rhino Prompt(Recommended).

input S = 1: The component recomputes whenever you press or release a key.  S = 2: recomputes whenever a key is pressed; S = 3: recomputes whenever  a key is released; S = 4: continuously recomputes while a key is being pressed(so it's removed from context menu)

Some of examples are shown in the  gif below, click to see full animation. the example file requires human and kangaroo(0.99 version) plugin.



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InteracTool 1.1
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