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Zappcha is a totally new way to capture, store and share point cloud files. It consists of an app which means users of LiDAR-enabled iOS devices can capture point clouds on their iPhone or iPad, and a cloud storage platform which can be used to store any point cloud and which integrates with the Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino plug-in.

THE ZAPPCHA CLOUD – Instant access to massive point clouds through the Veesus plug-in for Rhino.

The Zappcha Cloud enables users to store point cloud data – whether captured via the Zappcha app or on any 3D scanner – in the cloud. From there, users can take quick measurements via a browser-based viewer, and share point clouds instantly with anyone via an email link.

Most excitingly for Rhino users, the Zappcha Cloud integrates with the Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino plug-in. Users of the software can load point cloud data from the Zappcha Cloud, and save projects there too, enabling them to work on designs even if they aren’t in the same building as their teams or their point cloud data.

Get started with the Zappcha Cloud here.

THE ZAPPCHA APP – Point clouds in the palm of your hand.

The Zappcha app allows LiDAR-enabled iOS devices to capture point clouds, just like recording a video. The app can capture point clouds of up to 100 million points, with handy features including pausing live captures and using your phone’s torch to capture data in low light conditions. Zappcha is ideal for professionals who need a way to create high-quality 3D scans, but don’t want to invest in expensive 3D scanning equipment – especially if they want to create quick scans on the go.

Download the Zappcha app from the App Store here.

Learn more about Zappcha at

PLEASE NOTE that to use the Zappcha Cloud with Rhino, users must first install the Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino plug-in. A free trial is available. Learn more about the plug-in here.

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