Wind Load Prediction with Computational Fluid Dynamics
(by SimScale)

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Wind load is one of the main concerns in construction codes. In addition to gravitational loads, earthquakes, and other factors, wind gusts-induced loads can cause failure in structures. During this lecture, you will get introduced to safety-related aspects of facade dimensioning and related standards and how to identify the right type of load case based on simulation.

The usage of fluid flow simulation (CFD) enables architects and engineers to predict and optimize the performance of buildings in the early stage of the design process. While simulation is already widely used in mechanical engineering, its adoption in architecture and construction is low, due to the lack of knowledge and affordable tools.

SimScale joined forces with McNeel and Vind-Vind to create a free online training about the application of simulation in AEC, tailored to the needs of architects and civil engineers. There is no prior knowledge or software required to join this free webinar. All participants will get free access to SimScale with all the required simulation features.

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