Pro Topo Workflow
(by chrislandau)

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This workflow requires a Land Kit Pro Key

This workflow will allow you to design site areas, topography, and features like walls, curbs, and paths. By visualizing slope, cut-fill, and contours while you adjust breaklines, spots, and features, you can grade your site interactively in 3D.

The workflow also includes the powerful addition of topo ‘mods’ which allow you to:

  • Patch proposed topography changes into existing topography.
  • Smooth and Resample topography zones
  • Grade topographic slopes based on 3D attractor geometries like centerlines and surfaces.
  • Sculpt topography with push-and-pull operations based on 2D attractor geometries.
  • Delineate material areas in fluid ways with Areas and Collage.
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