Land Kit
(by chrislandau)
Landscape design and automation for planting, topo, and paving
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+ Land Kit components and templates make parametric landscape design much easier. Not only can it save time with particular design, drafting, and modeling processes, but it allows a platform to build your own specific workflows. Land Kit is composed of three component libraries. 

Plant Kit - Plant Kit is a powerful platform to make planting design easier and more site-specific. By defining environments, areas, plants, and rules, Plant Kit will help with keep track of the complexity, helping to layout and visualize your planting design for output to CAD, Revit, or rendering in Rhino, Lumion, or Enscape.

Topo Kit - Topo Kit will change topography design forever. By easily creating and modifying topographic features in the landscape that help to define topography, you can avoid the sticky problem of relying on elevated contours to create and revise models.

Paving Kit - Paving Kit is a tool set for making paving design easier. By defining areas, patterns, and color rules, Paving Kit will help with designing, drafting, and modeling your paving for CAD or rendering. 

Things to note:

  • This plugin has free components
  • You can get pro features by getting a Pro Key
  • Windows Only

Learn about how to use Land Kit at Land Kit CAMPUS

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