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This handy component is for user experience improvement of a Grasshopper definition. When a script is handed to a colleague, consultant, or client, that party may run into errors for various reasons. The author of scripts can anticipates some choke points where such errors may occur and embed instructions. For example, if someone selects a polysurface as an input for something that is meant for surfaces, you can use a conditional logic to get a True or False indicating the geometry type and use this boolean to control this popup message. This can save the trouble of troubleshooting a lengthy GH definition. The user is alerted of the critical issue. See example video for a quick introduction.

This function is developed out of the research effort at Pelli Clarke Pelli Architect. Give credit where credit is due please. To use, download and unblock the .ghpy file and place it where you normally place your .gha plugins. The component will be under Display -> Preview.

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