(by Dale Fugier)
Vectorize is a free image tracing plug-in for Rhino.
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Vectorize is a free image tracing plug-in for Rhino.

Vectorize supports both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 for Windows and Mac. Use Rhino 7's new PackageManager command to download and install the latest version.

The inspiration for Vectorize comes from Gérard Bouteau, a long time Rhino user, trainer, and programmer, who developed a plug-in named Trace. Unfortunately for all of us, Gérard passed away unexpectedly in the spring of 2020. Because of this untimely passing, he was never able to port his popular plug-in to Rhino 7 and beyond.

Vectorize, like Trace, is based off the famous Potrace by Peter Selinger, whose application transforms a bitmap into a soft, scalable image made up of vectors. The plug-in uses a C# translation named CsPotrace written by Wolfgang Nagl.


  • Download the plug-in.
  • Download is in Rhino for Windows Installer file (.RHI) form on Windows.
  • Download is in Rhino for Mac Installer file (.MACRHI) form on Mac.
  • Double-click in the file to launch the Rhino Installer and install the plug-in.