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A small plugin enabling use of units in Grasshopper.
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A small plugin enabling use of units in Grasshopper through UnitsNets and OasysUnits. With this plugin you can create Quantities = Unit + Value and convert values between different units.

UnitsNet is an opensource library "Makes life working with units of measurement just a little bit better."

It has been extended with typical engineering units by Oasys, in a forked version of UnitsNet called OasysUnits.

The UnitNumber plugin is a part of OasysGH, a shared library for the Oasys Structural Grasshopper plugins (GSA, AdSec and Compos). If you are a Grasshopper developer, feel free to inherit from OasysGH as it provides a bunch of helpers for various GH dev tasks wrapping external APIs in Grasshopper easier. It also comes with a shared default units settings.

Oasys was established in 1976 as the software house of Arup, and is now recognised as a leading commercial developer of engineering software for structural, geotechnical and pedestrian movement simulation/analysis software.

The plugin and the repositories linked above are free to use and licensed under MIT, please feel free to reuse and redistribute.

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UnitNumber 1.1.0
A small plugin enabling use of units in Grasshopper through UnitsNet and OasysUnits
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