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GsaGH - Official Oasys GSA Grasshopper Plugin. Oasys GSA is a comprehensive structural analysis program with versatile design capabilities.
Free, requires GSA installed
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GsaGH is the official Oasys GSA Grasshopper Plugin

GsaGH is pre-release and under active development, including further testing to be undertaken. It is provided "as-is" and you bear the risk of using it. Future versions may contain breaking changes. Any files, results, or other types of output information created using GsaGH should not be relied upon without thorough and independent checking.

A licensed version of GSA 10.1.60 or later installed in C:\Program Files\Oasys\GSA 10.1\ is required to use this plugin. Contact to request a free trial version.

Oasys was established in 1976 as the software house of Arup, and is now recognised as a leading commercial developer of engineering software for structural, geotechnical and pedestrian movement simulation/analysis software.

Oasys terms and conditions apply. See for details. Copyright © Oasys 1985 - 2022

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