(by Wojciech Radaczynski)
T-Rex can help you to create 3D models of reinforced concrete structures with Grasshopper (Rhino 6 or 7).
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T-Rex can help you to create parametric models of reinforced concrete structures with Grasshopper.

How it works?

Basically T-Rex can help you to model different rebars, which are represented by meshes, which allows real-time generation of model even for thousands of bars.

Manual / Instructions

Click to read manual.

Features (0.2.0 BETA)

  • Concrete: Profile, Profile To Elements, Mesh To Elements, Element Group Info
  • IFC: Create IFC
  • Rebar Shapes from curves: Curve To Rebar, Polyline To Rebar
  • Rebar Shapes from rectangle: Rectangle To Line Bar Shape, Rectangle To U-Bar Shape, Rectangle To Stirrup Shape
  • Rebar Shapes library: L-Bar Shape, Stirrup Shape, Spacer Shape
  • Rebar Spacings: Curve Spacing, Custom Spacing, Vector Count Spacing, Vector Length Spacing, Rebar Group Info
  • Properties: Bending Roller, Cover Dimensions, Material, Rebar Properties

License: MIT License and other informations

Source code: click

Library used for IFC export: xbim (https://docs.xbim.net/), License: https://docs.xbim.net/license/license.html

Author: Wojciech Radaczyński, you can email me anytime: w.radaczynski@gmail.com

Special thanks to Allen Vargas for all of the support, comments and ideas.