(by Wojciech Radaczynski)
Megarachne is an open-source lightweight plug-in for Grasshopper.
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Megarachne allows you to convert Rhino/Grasshopper geometry into graphs and solve specific problems with it.

No external plugins were used to deal with graphs.

Manual / Instructions

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Features (1.0.0)

  • Graph Parts: Curve To Graph Part, Two Points To Graph Part, Vector To Graph Part
  • Graph: Create Graph, Mesh To Graph, Graph To Report Part, Get Closest Vertex, Get Graph Degree, Get Vertex Degree
  • Algorithms: BFS, Dijkstra, A*

License: MIT License and other informations

Source code: click

Author: Wojciech Radaczyński (, you can email me anytime:

Special thanks to Dries Verbruggen ( for compatibility on Macs.