Shortest Path Inside Solid Object
(by farouk.serragedine)
This plugin has 1 command only, It will find the shortest path inside a 3d object.
You can chose a starting point A, and an ending point B and a solid that will encompass the pat.
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This Rhino plugin is designed to facilitate pathfinding within a 3D grid space. It leverages Rhino's powerful 3D modeling capabilities to create and analyze paths within a user-defined grid. The plugin is particularly useful in scenarios where navigating through a set of points in 3D space is required, such as architectural planning, 3D printing paths, or even game development.


3D Grid Generation: Automatically generates a 3D grid within the bounding box of a specified BREP (Boundary Representation) object. Users can define the granularity of the grid.

Pathfinding Algorithm: Implements a Breadth-First Search (BFS) algorithm to find the shortest path between two points within the grid.

Point-to-Point Navigation: Allows users to select start and end points interactively within the Rhino environment. The plugin then calculates the shortest path between these points considering the grid's constraints.

Visualization: Visually represents the generated grid and the calculated path within Rhino, enhancing user understanding and interaction.

License Cost:
ShortestPath 0.1
Rhino 8 for Win