Advanced 3D Object Recognizer : Enhanced Recognition in Rhino
(by farouk.serragedine)
Object recognition in rhino. Possible automated rendering for any given dataset.
Pretrained on Naval Architecture structural elements.
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Possible use cases:

  1. Automatic rendering of objects based on the detected category
  2. Automatic property assignment based on detected category

Showcase video (tutorial) :


Introducing our latest offering, the Advanced 3D Object Recognizer Plugin, a state-of-the-art solution for all your 3D object recognition needs. This plugin leverages the power of machine learning, specifically Random Forest Classifier, to provide you with highly accurate and efficient recognition results.

Our plugin is designed to extract a wide range of features from 3D objects, including eigenvalues, pointclouds, statistical analysis, and wide range of features. It uses these features to train a robust model that can accurately classify and recognize 3D objects. The plugin also employs various resampling techniques such as SMOTE, RandomOverSampler, and ADASYN to handle imbalanced datasets, ensuring that the model is not biased towards the majority class.

The plugin is built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to choose the resampling technique that best suits your data. It also provides detailed classification reports and accuracy scores, giving you insights into the performance of the model.

The Advanced 3D Object Recognizer Plugin is not just a tool, but a comprehensive solution that can handle complex 3D object recognition tasks with ease. It's perfect for developers, researchers, and businesses looking to incorporate advanced 3D object recognition capabilities into their projects or services.

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Object Recognition
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