Parking Square
(by woojsung)
PRKNG_sqr[Parking Square] is a real-time parking layout calculator on any given site boundaries.
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Welcome, and thank you for choosing PRKNG plugin for Grasshopper! 

*Please refer to the user manual for the installation and functionality of the plugin. Users Manual (Eng) / Users Manual (Kor)

PRKNG_sqr [Parking Square] calculates the parking stall layout on any given boundary in real-time utilizing a square grid system. 

The beauty of the square grid in laying out parking stalls is in its flexibility, bi-directionality, and homogeneity in design, structure, and modular construction perspectives. In the plugin, users can change dimensions (square grid, parking stalls, and columns) per their design intents as long as the square grid still can hold six car stalls.

In many countries, the square grid system has been widely utilized in underground parking lot planning. Still, the inspiration came from the Korean multi-building apartment complexes with a shared underground parking lot. For example, an 8.1 meters square grid can hold up to six standard(2.5 by 5 meters) car stalls between 600mm wide columns at each corner, leaving at least 6 meters wide driveway between parking grids, which complies with the Korean parking lot regulation. 

Parking stall calculation is easy and intuitive: users can set the parking lot boundary and feed some optional inputs, then the plugin calculates the layout in real-time. Users can also change dimensions (square grid, parking stalls, and columns) per their design intents. 

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