Modular TreeSearch
(by woojsung)
MDLR_trsrch [Modular TreeSearch] calculates a 3d modular building arrangement on any given site boundaries in real-time using the square grid system.
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MDLR_trsrch [Modular TreeSearch] calculates the 3d arrangement of modular buildings in real-time on any given site with design constraints and variables utilizing a tree search algorithm over the square grid system.

The plugin divides the site boundary into a grid system with a series of square cells. A module can be set with any number of consecutive square cells in one direction (the grid and the cell are of the same dimension). One can set the placement of the initial module on the site along with the design constraints such as site features(yard, parking, etc), voids, core location, and a buildable volume. Then the plugin calculates a feasible arrangement of the modules by recursively searching for the following modules’ positions on the grid. One can also set design parameters such as the grid dimension, angle, module size, floor-to-floor height, FAR, BCR, max floor count, building height, etc.

The plugin calculates the modular arrangement on the ground floor until no available space is left or BCR is maxed out whichever comes first. Then it continues on to the floor above starting from the core location provided by the user constantly monitoring the BCR, FAR, max building height, max floor count, and buildable volume.

3d modular arrangement calculation is easy and intuitive: users can set the lot boundary, entrance, and core locations, and feed some optional inputs, then the plugin calculates the layout in real time. Users can also change design constraints and variables per their design intents.

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