(by ranjeethmahankali)
This plugin allows users to create "objects" in a Grasshopper definition, like you would in an Object Oriented Programming Languages.
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As a grasshopper user with previous programming experience, I often found myself restricted in ways I can organize the data in a Grasshopper definition. Lists and Trees are very useful, but I wanted something similar to an “Object” in an Object Oriented Programming Language.

I created this plugin for Grasshopper, named “Objectify” to allow users to create objects. In this context, an object is sort of a group in which each member is named. These members can be text, numbers or geometry.

The “Objectify” component allows the user to create objects using a zoomable user interface (to add and remove members of the object) and editable nicknames (the names of the members). The “Object Member” component allows the user to later retrieve an individual member of the object by selecting from a list. Another component allows users to edit and manipulate individual members of the object. This plugin can really improve the efficiency of creating Grasshopper definitions, make the canvas cleaner and more readable, reduce the need for complicated slicing and indexing of lists and trees.

Latest Update (Aug 2019) lets you create several objects at the same time by grafting inputs.

Here is a video explaining how to use the three components that come with Objectify: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-oQq20B3Yg

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