(by Mathieu VENOT)
Nemo is a Grasshopper plugin for Ship Design
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Naval Efficiency and Marine Optimization
Nemo is a Grasshopper plugin for Ship Design



Nemo provides multiple tools to generate lines plan, compute hydrostatics, perform resistance prediction, extract structural data, produce 2d drawings, and exchange data with other external software. Nemo also includes free tools to create parametric shapes, such as Naca profiles, hydrofoils, keels, rudders, blade propellers, and sail plans.

Born in 2018 as an academic research project at ENSTA Bretagne, Nemo grew up since, immersed in professional naval architecture practice with L2Onaval.

From 2021, Nemo is now available for purchase with commercial or educational licenses. Following license levels are provided to fit every needs depending of user activity :

  • Free (Designer)
  • Level 1 (Section + Hydrostatics + Visualization)
  • Level 1 + 2 (Section + Hydrostatics + Visualization + Resistance + Structure)

We can also help you make best use of our software, provide project guidance, establish specific workflow and create custom tools.

Components and changelog

  • General improvements
    • General debugging
    • Speed improvements
    • Licensing and use under EULA
    • Added General Terms and Conditions of Sales
    • New Mac OS + Windows Support (Rhino 6 & Rhino 7)
    • Exported files are now created next to the .3dm file, or in Desktop\Nemo if .3dm is not saved yet
    • Ship Speeds and Water Properties data now go through Ship Hydrostatics output
    • JSON sublist only remains for Ship Ends in case of MultiHull configuration
    • Tolerances have been returned to Rhino's document setting
    • Dimension sizes are now set from Rhino's document setting
  • 0 | Setup
    • Float Plane : Custom flotation plane
    • Ship Import : Import geometry and perform or not symmetry
         1.2 : Warning if model is already symmetric
    • Ship Speed : Create ship's speeds list
    • Water Properties : Freshwater and Seawater Properties from ITTC 2011
         1.2 : Updated fresh and seawater ITTC 2011 database from 1 to 49°C
  • 1 | Section
    • Hull Section : Section hull into stations, buttocks and waterlines
         1.2 : Added Float Plane input used for Waterlines Dry and Wet curves
    • Ship Cross-Section : Cross-section ship into points
    • Offset Table : Generate Offset Table File (.csv)
  • 2 | Hydrostatics
    • Ship Hydrostatics : Compute Ship Hydrostatics
         1.2 : Ax areas and curves (DISPM and AWS) always computed over LOA
         1.2 : Added automatic Merge Faces after Boolean Union
         1.2 : Hull Coefficients old component integration
         1.2 : Added immersed Centre of Lateral Area output (projected silhouette curve, centre point and area value)
         1.2 : Added sectional data output (position and area)
    • Ship Silhouette : Compute Ship Lead or Windage and Resistance projections
         1.2 : New Lead computation (distance between Sail Aero and Center of Hydro)
         1.2 : Can now handle 2D XZ flat geometry
    • Ship Ends : Compute Ship Bulb and Transom analysis
         1.2 : Json output reformatted to handle multi-hull configurations
    • Nemo Csv [new] : Convert Nemo's results (.csv)
    • Nemo Logfile : Export Nemo's Logfile (.json)
    • Nemo Search : Search specific value in Nemo's results
    • MaatHydro Export [new] : Export MaatHydro IGES file (.igs)
         1.2 : Export Hull, App, Sup, Tank, Sail, Silhouette, Freeboard, Downflooding and BWL geometry to Maat Hydro (Sistre)
         1.2 : Handle object naming by using Rhino's Object Properties Name field or, if not specified, a generic category name
  • 3 | Resistance
    • Holtrop Prediction : Run Holtrop Resistance analysis
         1.2 : Continuous computation, Button only used to export results files
         1.2 : Csv and Json files are now exported simultaneously
    • FineMarine Export [new] : Export FineMarine STL file (.stl)
         1.2 : Export Ship geometry to Fine/Marine (Numeca)
         1.2 : Half-body or Full-body configurations
         1.2 : Multi-fluid or Mono-fluid air or water domains
         1.2 : Cylinder or box domain for Mono-fluid air Full-body configuration
         1.2 : Custom domain size input or Numeca defaults
      1.2 : Custom weld angle input to merge patches
         1.2 : Complete meshing parameters input
         1.2 : Triangulation and patch visualization
         1.2 : Custom patches naming (Refinement dictionary)
         1.2 : Merge faces with the same names option (C-Wizard)
         1.2 : Model check (Points valence, Naked edges, Cyclic curves, Small surfaces)
         1.2 : Model verification (One closed polysurface, patches naming, mesh quality)
    • NavCad Export : Export NavCad 2013 HCNC file (.hcnc)
         1.2 : Speeds now defined from Hydrostatics output if specified (otherwise 2 to 20 kts by default)
  • 4 | Structure
    • Holland Profile [new] : Load HollandPprofile from integrated library
    • Standard Profile [new] : Round, L, T, H and Rectangle Profile Generator
    • Profile Extrude [new] : Profile Extrusion along Rail curve
         1.2 : Horizontal, Vertical and Normal orientation modes
         1.2 : Clash avoidance for Horizontal and Vertical orientation mode
    • Part Naming [new] : Assign Part Names in Rhino's Object Properties
         1.2 : Identical parts (volume and area) detection
         1.2 : Portside and Starboard identification
    • Part Nomenclature [new] : Export Part Nomenclature File by reading Rhino's Object Names, Layers and Attributes (.csv)
         1.2 : Part, Scantling, Thickness, Material, Density, Type, Area/Volume, Weight, Quantity, Total Area/Volume, Total Weight, LCG, TCG, VCG
    • Identify Part [new] : Identify Part Name
    • Part Search [new] : Search Part in Nomenclature
  • 5 | Visualization
    • Layout Arrangement : Arrange Make2D details and Bake to Rhino
         1.2 : Bake now handle layers and sublayers architecture, names and colors
    • Projection Defaults : Create Make2D default viewports (Top, Front and Right)
         1.2 : Use layer names and colors from Rhino objects if specified
    • View Capture [new] : Multiple View Capture to File from Viewports and Named views
    • Weight Check [new] : Weight Estimate visualization
         1.2 : Search filter
  • 6 | Designer 
    • NACA4 Section : NACA 4 Digits Section Generator
         1.2 : Section curve can be exploded into upper, lower and trailing edges
         1.2 : Added center guide curve preview, and Inertia output
         1.2 : Use a NACA4 number as direct input instead of sliders
         1.2 : Area and Inertia outputs in SI units (m^2 and m^4)
    • NACA5 Section [new] : NACA 5 Digits Section Generator
    • Section Modifier [new] : Planar Section Modifier
         1.2 : Modify an existing airfoil section (chord length, thickness, cut trailing edge)
    • Blade Propeller : Blade Propeller Generator by Laurent Delrieu
    • Foil Appendage : Foil Appendage Generator
         1.2 : Easy switch between straight and rail foil (wiring only corresponding inputs)
         1.2 : Tip length now defined by sweep aft and forward angles
         1.2 : Bulb only option using an existing brep
         1.2 : Foil volume computed using MeshMode (faster)
         1.2 : Bulb scales inputs in the 3 directions (x,y,z)
         1.2 : Added foil tip length, foil area, foil volume, foil aspect ratio, foil and bulb volume centers, bulb length, width, and height outputs
    • Sail Plan [new] : Sail Plan Generator
         1.2 : Inputs using ORC nomenclature
  • License
    • Nemo License : Request and Activate Nemo's License
         1.2 : Ability to request Commercial or Student and Level 1 or Level 1+2 License
         1.2 : Online server check (30 days maximum use allowed without online checking)

Next to come

  • Savitsky Prediction : Perform planing resistance prediction using Savitsky 76' method
  • Intact Stability : Run equilibrium balance and transverse stability analysis
  • Hull Scantling : Evaluate panels scantling according to ISO standard
  • Weight Estimate : Manage and export weight estimate data
  • Holtrop Prediction : Appendages drag, wake and thrust outputs
  • FineMarine Export : Openwater & Hull + Propeller modes
  • Profile Extrude : End cuts integration
  • Layout Arrangement : Ability to handle layers table
  • NACA Section : Drag and lift database integration


Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple Mac OS 10.15 Catalina :

  • McNeel Rhinoceros 6 SR32 or Rhinoceros 7 SR1

(Other Rhinoceros, Windows and Mac OS versions have not been tested but may work)


1. Install Rhinoceros 6 or 7.
2. Download the latest version of Nemo from Food4Rhino page.
3. Check if downloaded .zip file has been blocked : right click and choose Properties. If there is an Unblock button click on it, and then click on OK.
4. Unpack the .zip file and copy the Nemo unzipped folder to Grasshopper's UserObjects folder.
5. Simply start Rhino and Grasshopper, a new "Nemo" tab should be added.

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