(by Mathieu VENOT)
Naval Efficiency and Marine Optimization  
Nemo is a Grasshopper plugin for Ship Design
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Naval Efficiency and Marine Optimization
Nemo is a Grasshopper plugin for Ship Design



Nemo enables automatic analysis of Ship Hull, single or multi, symmetrical or not. Nemo provides tools to import hull geometry, perform XZ symmetry, create stations - buttocks - waterlines curves, perform hydrostatics analysis, extract silhouettes curves, export cross-sections for structural analysis, perform resistance predictions, export meshes for potential flow simulations...

Components included :

  • Ship Import : Import Ship geometry from Rhino, and perform XZ Symmetry if needed
  • Hull Section : Section Hull geometry into Stations, Buttocks and Waterlines
  • Hull Hydrostatics : Extract Hydrostatics data, Points, immersed Hull and Waterline geometries
  • Hull Coefficients : Extract Hydrostatics Coefficients and ratios
  • Ship Ends : Extract Bulb, Transom, Half Entrance Angle and Deadrise data
  • Ship Silhouette : Extract Windage and Resistance data and Points
  • Ship CSPoints : Extract Cross-Section Points to export for Structural analysis
  • Hull MeshPlankton : Mesh Hull geometry in Regular triangles, Cut at specified height, Refine on curvature (use Plankton library)
  • Holtrop Prediction : Run Displacement Resistance Prediction using Holtrop 84' method
  • Savitsky Prediction : Run Planing Resistance Prediction using Savitsky 64' method
  • NavCad Export : Format Hydrostatics data, and export to NavCad (Resistance Prediction and Power Estimate analysis)
  • NACA Section : Create cambered or symmetrical 4-digit NACA airfoil section

Next to come :

  • Mac Compatibility : Resistance Prediction executables (Holtrop, Savitsky) currently only running on Windows
  • Runtime Warnings : Add more Warnings and Errors messages on components
  • Savitsky 76' : Update Savitsky Prediction with version 76' method
  • Logfile Output : Export a summary Logfile of data
  • Intact Stability : Perform stability analysis



PC Windows 10 :

MAC High Sierra :

  • McNeel Rhinoceros 5 | Should work, not tested yet. (Except Holtrop and Savitsky Prediction, which are Windows executables). 
  • A Mac compatibility update is in progress and will be release soon...



1) Install Rhinoceros 6.
2) Download the latest version of Nemo from Food4Rhino.
3) Check if downloaded .zip file has been blocked : right click and choose Properties. If there is an Unblock button click on it, and then click on OK.
4) Unpack the .zip file.
5) Copy the content from UserObjects folder to : %appdata%\Grasshopper\UserObjects folder, by copy-paste this path in your windows explorer address bar to access it.
6) Copy the content from Libraries folder to : %appdata%\Grasshopper\Libraries folder, by copy-paste this path in your windows explorer address bar to access it.
7) Start Rhino and Grasshopper, a new "Nemo" tab should be added.


Additional info

Feedback :

As Nemo is continuously growing up, any feedback and improvements are highly appreciated. Please feel free to ask anything on the Grasshopper Group for public questions and suggestions, or contact me directly by email :



Nemo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).  

You are free to share, copy and redistribute the plugin. You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may not use the plugin for commercial purposes. If you remix, transform, or build upon the plugin, you may not distribute the modified plugin. You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. No warranties are given.