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Narwhal integrates with the form-finding, analysis and fabrication industry standard program NDN. Create fully parametric models and work flow for NDN!
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Narwhal allows the user to leverage the power of parametric modelling and digital workflow with NDN. 

NDN is the industry standard software for form-finding. structural analysis and fabrication of light-weight structures such as; ETFE single skins and pneumatics, fabric stressed structures, cable nets, and any other type of complex structure where there is a high degree of geometric non linearity.

Form finding using both force, stiffness and force density is available in NDN. Real stiffness and force properties of light weight materials is used for fabric, plate, beam, struct, geodesic and cable elements. NDN can be obtained from 

Narwhal consists of the following components

  • Application
    • Components to open, close NDN files and obtain NDN models from the file
    • Components to automate NDN through journaling files
  • Display
    • Component to visualize volatile or baked geometry of a NDN model
    • Component to auto bake NDN model objects to user specified rhino layer and sublayers
    • Filter previewing of a NDN model based on user defined filters of NDN objects
    • Rendered/Wireframe or both
  • License
    • License manager component. This component always needs to exist on the canvas to ensure licensing of Narwhal. 
  • Model
    • Setter components to create geometry and attributes for NDN objects of, cables, beams, struts, geodesics,  membranes, nodes, layers/blocks, work lines
    • Getter components to read and filter NDN object and geometry for cables, beams, struts, geodesics, membranes, nodes, layers/blocks, work  lines
    • Adjust Membrane orientation to specified side or seam line or geometrical reference.
  • Property
    • Getter/Setter components for element forces from beams, cables, membranes and struts
    • Getter/Setter components for materials for beams, cables, membranes and struts
    • Getter/Setter components for section properties for beams, cables, membranes and struts
  • Setup 
    • Getter/Setter components for NDN model units

Additional components under development

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Narwhal Release 1.0
Grasshopper for Rhino 7 for Win
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