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Macaw is a plug-in for grasshopper to allow interoperability with the mathematical calculation and documentation software Mathcad Prime.
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MACAW V2  released; Rhino 7 and MathCAD Prime 7

Macaw allows interoperability with MathCAD. MathCAD is a WYSIWYG calculation program for mathematics. One of the major benefits of MathCAD is the ability to write mathematical expressions in true mathematical form as well as allowing for units to be used in any type of calculation. The ability of using units allows the user to mix and match units indefinitely and allows for self-checking of mathematical expressions and calculations as the results must be returned in the correct units. MathCAD is available in a fully featured version and a free express version which includes a good set of features including, matrix algebra, data set interrogation using data tables, 2D graphical plots amongst other features.

To downlaod MathCAD Prime express for free go to here:

Link to mathcad download


MathCAD differs from a spreadsheet type program like excel in that it gives notebook ease-of-use and familiarity - combined with live mathematical notation, units intelligence, and powerful calculation capabilities. This engineering math software allows you to present your calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images in a single document.

MACAW allows the user to directly communicate with MathCAD allowing the user to change data and variables in MathCAD and/or read data and variables directly back from MathCAD into grasshopper. 

The ability to work with units allows the designer/engineer to work in any unit and mix both imperial and metric units at the same time, with automatic unit checking and conversion.

MathCAD features include:

  1. Units management system- 
  2. Functions - hundreds of built in functions including curve fitting and smoothing, file Access
  3. Matrix Algebra
  4. Data set analysis using Mathcad table objects
  5. Plotting and graphing including 2D and 3D plots
  6. Solving including differential equations
  7. Data functions to work with excel, CSV, txt, jog and bmp files
  8. Programming, user defines their own custom functions and routines using the MathCAD GUI 

Update 2 November 2021

  • Reupload as accidental delete from Food4Rhino admins
  • Fully updated to Prime 7
  • Updated Icons
  • Ability to export to PDF word via RTF
  • Components to interrogate properties of worksheets
  • Create and read Mathcad expressions

Update 1.1 March 19 2017


  1. Removed priority load warning on running
  2. Includes a new component for user to assign MathCAD's library of functions to an input value
  3. Transpose option when generating a matrix
  4. Options to auto pause and restart mathcad calculations when writing input values to Mathcad - improves live performance
  5. Regex option to filter values to return from Mathcad for Input and Output Values for Get Component.



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