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Push-button developable lofting for Rhino 5 and 6, check the video and give it a try yourself.
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Now available for Rhino 6 - Push-button developable lofting, check the video and give it a try yourself.

"For many years we've been creating developable surfaces ourselves, just because there was no plug-in available which fulfilled our needs. After trying EvoluteTools D.LOFT we were happily surprised. With EvoluteTools D.LOFT it's possible to easily create developable surfaces within controlled tolerances. This is the first developable surface plug-in which does what it promises." - Jan-Marten Rottiné, owner Waterline-Design & Marlon Weijers, owner Triple-Marine.

Developable surfaces are extremely important to modelling in various fields like marine design, architecture, product design, and art works. They help reduce manufacturing costs and tooling, yet no other software allowed designers to use them in a straightforward way with a high degree of precision and control. Things changed! EvoluteTools D.LOFT enables users to create developable surfaces between arbitrary 3d curves with a push of a button, hassle free. Includes a component for Grasshopper. 


Download some ship hull examples from here

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