EvoluteTools T.MAP
(by Evolute GmbH)
EvoluteTools T.MAP for Rhino 5 and 6 provides re-meshing using pure quad or triangle meshes, and texture mapping using quad or triangle patterns
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Now available for Rhino 6 - EvoluteTools T.MAP, a plugin providing mesh parametrization for Rhino. These are the benefits EvoluteTools T.MAP provides to you: 

  • re-meshing using pure quad or pure triangle meshes
  • texture mapping of quadrangular or triangular patterns with minimum distortion
  • design of smooth curve networks on freeform surfaces
  • user-guided alignment with curves or principal curvature directions

Ease of use
EvoluteTools T.MAP provides a handful of commands with only a few simple options to give you access to powerful re-meshing without a steep learning curve.

Advanced control
User-defined curves or parts of the boundary can be selected as guides on the surface. We provide a command to define geodesic curves on meshes that can then be used to guide the parametrization. 

Meshes, surfaces, polysurfaces. Target resolution of new mesh. Diverse alignment options. 

Newly generated quad or triangle mesh

Free trial
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