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Timber joinery.
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The compas_wood package focuses on the design and fabrication of timber joinery. It is built on top of the COMPAS framework and offers a suite of tools for designing and fabricating timber structures. It was initiated in 2017 as part of Petras Vestartas’s PhD thesis, “Design-to-Fabrication Workflow for Raw-Sawn-Timber using Joinery Solver”. Then compas_wood was used for EPFLx: Advanced Timber Plate Structural Design. It is a FREE course, no certificate needed. During the years of development the software changes, therefore follow it in the official GitHub page and documentation. In case of a question, open a GitHub issue as a constructive well detailed explanation, instead of posting a comment here. Thank you.

Installation (Video):

  •     open Rhino8
  •     in the Rhino command-line type: PackageManager
  •     in the PackageManager search for a compas_wood package
  •     click button install
  •     restart Rhino8
  •     open Grasshopper
  •     drag&drop install component
  •     open example files


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