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Iterate through all possible combinations with Colibri!
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Colibri 2 helps iterate through all possible combinations of a series of inputs and compiles the resulting data into a CSV of input and output values per iteration. 

Colibri is installed to the TTToolbox Tab in Grasshopper.

The toolkit is broken into components for defining these inputs and outputs as well as setting parameters for their compilation.

  • Colibri Inputs (The Iterator) expands to accept multiple Slider, Value List, and Panel inputs and will run through all possible combinations of these inputs (or an optional subset) returning the unique combination of values for each input and an associated name.
  • Colibri Outputs is used to combine a series of values from the Grasshopper definition into a collection associated with each iteration.
  • Colibri Aggregator compiles these inputs and outputs for each iteration into a single dataset with options to write the results and save preview images per each iteration to a folder on the desktop.
  • Colibri Image Settings can be used to customize the preview image size or set multiple views to be recorded per each iteration

To further explore the results check out Thornton Tomasetti | CORE studio's Thread web application or the open source Design Explorer project.


If you like the original Colibri it is available as part of the Legacy TT Toolbox 1.9 and is still an Open Source Project.

The Legacy version of Colibri is an open-source project that was started at the 2016 AEC Tech Hackathon in New York.  It was designed and prototyped over the course of 27 hours during the hackathon by a team of dedicated hackers and later extended by CORE studio.

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