TT Toolbox
(by COREstudio)
TT Toolbox features a range of tools Thornton Tomasetti | CORE studio uses on a regular basis.
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TTToolbox 2 by Thornton Tomasetti | CORE studio is a refresh of the original plugin for Grasshopper featuring a range of different tools that CORE studio | Thornton Tomasetti uses on a regular basis.


Updates to classic tools include:

  • Updated Excel Read / Write components with a simplified interface and new options for data compilation.
  • Expanded options for applying multiple Conditional formatting rules in Excel. 
  • Updated Section Sweeper (inspired by Jon Mirtschin's StructDrawRhino plugin) which sweeps BREP/MESH of structural shape sections around guide curves with new options for Section Selection.
  • Simplified Unit Converter and Rhino Unit Selection
  • Refreshed Time Series component with new output for easier use.
  • A Revived Brute Force Solver component with an additional Component that allows for additional inputs & a faster solver.
  • Restored and improved Group components for returning objects by groups and assigning objects to groups.
  • And improved UI and performance on several other utilities.

NEW | Attributes Workflows:

  • Get and Set Attribute components reference and update Attributes from Rhino Document Objects.
  • The Construct Attribute component sets the Name, Layer, Group Names, and User Text (Key / Value Pairs).
  • The Material Attribute component assigns PBR material properties to attributes and Linetype Attributes assigns graphic properties including Stroke Color, Weight, Pattern, and Fill Color.
  • Bake Attributes can assign these Attributes to geometry and bake to the document, or just bake basic geometry.
  • Save Attributes writes the User Strings to a JSON or CSV file.
  • New Preview Material and Preview Lineweight give a simplified preview of material and graphic properties.
  • Attributes can also be used for the new File Export / Import components.
  • Attributes are extensions of Rhino's default ObjectAttributes class and can be used directly in scripting components with Rhino Common.

NEW | File Export / Import:

  • File Import components bring Geometry and Attributes from external files into Grasshopper.
  • File Export components write Geometry and corresponding Attributes to external files
  • 3D & 2D Geometry + Attributes can be written to and read from 3DM, DWG, and DXF files.
  • 3D Geometry can also be written to and read from OBJ and STL files.
  • And 2D Geometry can be written to SVG files in a custom format and read from SVG using the Rhinocommon method. 

Legacy TT Toolbox

The original versions of TT Toolbox (1.1 - 1.9) are still available for download and can be run alongside the new toolkit without conflict.    

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