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TT Toolbox features a range of different tools that we from the Core Studio at Thornton Tomasetti use on a regular basis.
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This is the sixth edition of the TT Toolbox plugin for Grasshopper.

TT Toolbox features a range of different tools that we from the Core Studio at Thornton Tomasetti (former Advanced Computational Modeling Group) use on a regular basis, and we thought some of you might appreciate these.

You can find a primer with a complete listing and documentation of our tools inside of the downloadable zip file

Some of the tools included in TT Toolbox are:

  • Spectacles, an open-source hackable BIM viewer for the web.
  • Platypus, a tool to stream geometry to the web in real time.
  • A lightning fast Excel Writer with many options such as file creation, work sheet creation, conditional formatting that matches GH coloring and more.
  • An Excel reader/ Listener that keeps a live link to an Excel spreadsheet and automatically detects changes.
  • A Section Sweeper (inspired by Jon Mirtschin's StructDrawRhino plugin) that sweeps BREP/MESH of structural shape sections around guide curves. It also outputs 2D section curves to sweep/ loft yourself.
  • A Safe-Delete component that lets you safely delete user-selected Rhino geometry that is not currently referenced in Grasshopper.
  • A CAD exporter that [batch-] creates dwg files from GH.
  • A Galapagos Listener Component that records all gene/ fitness configurations, as Galapagos runs.
  • Google Spreadsheets Components: Components to read and write data from Google Sheets. No Longer supported! Refer to Leafcutter for Google Sheets and Grasshopper Interoperability
  • Unfold Brep component – unfolds/unrolls developable Breps.

Other tools include:

  • Unit converter
  • Match Tree Structure (inspired by a script by Andrew Heumann)
  • Retrieve Tree Branch
  • Retrieve Tree Item
  • Get Geometry Attributes from Rhino
  • Remove Duplicate Points based on a tolerance
  • Remove Duplicate Lines based on a tolerance
  • Sort Curves by Direction
  • Group all lines that share a common node

To install:

  • In Grasshopper, choose File > Special Folders > Components folder. Save the .gha file and all other included .dll files there.
  • Right-click on each .gha and .dll file > Properties > ‘Unblock’.
  • Restart Rhino and Grasshopper

Though we did some alpha testing in the office, we may not have uncovered all of the bugs and will certainly appreciate your feedback.

Best Regards,

The Core Studio Team


Release Notes:    

  • TT Toolbox now includes Spectacles and Platypus
  • We have temporarily removed the Dashboard and the Brute Force components - they’ll be back and will be vastly improved in a future release.
  • The Excel writer has been improved.
  • The Curve Type component has been removed.
  • The Unit Converter component has been debugged and it now listens for changes in the units of the Rhino file.