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byRhinoGaget is a collection of script-based commands that were internally used by the Plus Plastic design team.
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byRhinoGadget is a collection of script-based commands that were internally used by the Plus Plastic design team to help with simple repetitive tasks or to make small, annoying tasks easier. It is composed of commands that support many Rhino commands and improve work efficiency. The user interface is similar to the Rhino command, so if you are a Rhino user, you can use it immediately after checking the function of the command.

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Command quick reference

  • File, Layers
    • ExportEachLayer - Export each layer to a separate file.
    • ExplodeBlockInSameLayer - Explode block instances while maintaining object's layer same as block instacne.
    • ImportFilesinFolder - Import all 3D files in a folder.
    • MergeLayers - Merge objects in multiple layers into a target layer.
    • WorksessionMerge - Merge worksession files into a single file.
  • Curve
    • CirclesAlong2Crvs - Create circles that are tangent to two curves along the curves.
    • ExtendMulti - Extend multiple curves to the selected boundary object.
    • ExtractIsocurvesDivide - Extract isocurves from a surface based on interval, distance or number.
    • Farthest2PtsInCrv - Find the two farthest points in a curve.
    • FilletCornerCutting - Cut corners with an arc that passes through the vertices of the curve.
    • FilletSmooth - Smooth continuity fillet
    • FitCrvLength - Fit the length of a curve to a specified value while maintaining the endpoints.
    • FlowMulti - Apply the Flow command to multiple target curves.
    • FullRoundCrv - Draw a full round arc at the end of a polyline with 3 segments.
    • LineNormalToMesh - Draw perpendicular lines from selected mesh.
    • PolylineSplit2Crvs - Split a dense polyline into segments and convert to curves.
    • PolylineToCrv - Interpolate polyline vertices skipping small distance.
    • RevCloudsBySketch - Draw cloud-like revisions with sketch command.
    • RebuildCrvCountByLength - Rebuild curves based on the spacing of control points.
    • RoundedRectangle - Draw a rectangle with rounded ends.
    • CastVectorShadow - Create an outline curve for a shadow in a specified direction.
    • Match2CurveEndsByRotate - Rotate two curves so that their near ends meet.
    • UnrollCrv - Draw a straight line with the same length as a curve.
  • Surface
    • SphereDeformable - Create a deformable spherical (Revolved) surface.
    • PipeSmooth - Create pipe with smooth transition through radiuses.
  • Solid
    • BooleanDifferenceMulti - Subtract multiple objects sequentially, leaving failed objects.
    • BooleanUnionMulti - Union multiple objects sequentially, leaving failed objects.
    • BooleanUnionSubSrfs - Perform union booleans on the sub-surfaces of a polysurface.
    • ExtendExtrusions - Extend extrusion objects to the boundary object.
    • SolidCutByCrv - Cut a solid with a closed curve.
  • Point Edit
    • ChangeDegreePtCrv - Change curve degree while keeping the position of control points.
    • ChangeDegreePtSrf - Change surface degree while keeping the position of control points.
    • ControlPoint2KinkCrv - Change a curve's control point to kink.
    • ControlPoint2KinkSrf - Split surface by a row of control points.
    • SetPtLinear - Align control points in a straight line based on the Cplane.
    • SetPtLinear3D - Align control points in a straight line.
    • SetPtToCrv - Align control points to the nearest points on a curve.
    • SetPtToFitPlane - Align control points to the average plane.
    • SymmetricCrv - Align the control points of a curve symmetrically.
    • SymmetricSrf - Align the control points of a surface symmetrically.
    • SymmetricDiagonalSrf - Align the control points of a surface diagonally.
  • Transform
    • Copy2Pts - Copy objects to points.
    • MoveToZLevel - Move an object to an entered Z level.
    • MoveToZPt - Move an object to the height of a reference point.
    • OrientByFace - Move an object from a reference surface to a target surface.
    • OrientByFlatFaceToXY - Place objects on the XY plane according to the largest planar faces.
    • Rotate3DIntersect - Rotate an object around an intersection point in 3D.
    • SplitPlanar - Split objects by a plane.
    • TransformObjects - Transform objects with move, rotate, and flip option popup window. This can be helpful to transform large scan data.
    • TrimBox - Display an object by cutting it with a box. The cutting objects of the box is updated when the box is transformed.
    • Randomize - Randomly move, rotate, scale, or change color.
  • Modeling
    • ArrowsByCrvs - Create arrow geometries of curves.
    • LawnGrassMesh - Create a grass mesh object that can be used for rendering.
    • mkButtons - Create button shapes that fit a surface.
    • mkButtonsDome - Create dome-shaped buttons that fit a surface.
    • mkEngrave - Create raised or sunken extrusions on a surface.
    • mkGraphics - Create surfaces that are spaced apart from a surface.
    • StepExtrude - Create an extrusion with step-like heights based on the lowest point.
    • SubLayersByGroup - Create sub layers by groups.
    • LookAt - Align LookAt objects to camera direction
    • LookAtInsert - Add LookAt objects.
    • LookAtLoadDefault - Add included LookAt objects.
    • LookAtParallel - Align LookAt objects in parallel to camera direction
    • LookAtProjectZ - Project LookAt objects to object.
    • LookAtSel - Select same LookAt objects.
    • LookAtSelAll - Select all LookAt objects.
    • LookAtSelName - SelectLookAt objects by name.
    • LookAtSetBlock - Define LookAt blocks.
  • Annotation
    • AddLayouts - Add layouts by bounding rectangle of input objects.
    • CircleCenterPoints - Display coordinates and radius of circles.
    • CountObjects - Count objects sorted by names, layers and materials.
    • DimBoundingBox - Add dimension bounding box of objects.
    • DistanceBetween2Faces - Display distances between 2 faces or a face and surface.
    • DistancePt2Objs - Display distances from a point.
    • DotSerial - Add serialized dots.
    • DotZ - Add dots with Z coordinates.
    • GradientObjectColor - Change objects color by order.
    • LayoutSameScale - Add 4 details layout with same scale.
    • LengthCrvs - Display curves lengths.
    • Merge2LinearDimensions - Make a linear dimensions from 2 linear dimensions.
    • MinMaxDistance2Crvs - Minimum and maximum distance between 2 curves.
    • PrintTextContents - Print text(dot, text, dimension) contents.
    • TextSymbols - Copy symbol letter.
    • ThirdAngleLayout - Align objects in third angle layout with dimensions.
  • Display, Options, etc
    • BackgroundColor - Set background color.
    • BackgroundColorDefault - Set background color to default.
    • ClippingPlaneNormal - Add a clipping plane normal to surface.
    • ExplodedView - Align objects in exploded view.
    • ExtractJoinedRenderMeshByGroup - Extract joined render meshes by group.
    • LayerOnByObjects - Turn on selected objects layers and turn off others.
    • ObjColor2MatColor - Object material color by object color
    • ObjColorAsMatColor - Display object by material color
    • SetAbsoluteTolerance - Change absolute tolerance in command prompt.
    • SlideBackward - Next named view.
    • SlideForward - Previous named view.
    • SubLayersByGroup - Create sublayers of the current layer and classifies them based on the top group of objects.
    • SyncDisplayModes - Synchronize all views display modes to current.
    • TrimBox - Display objects in entered box.
    • MergeLayers - Megre multiple layers to target layer.
    • ExplodeBlockInSameLayer - Exploded block objects will be keep the same layer of block instance.
  • Anaysis
    • VolumeOverlapped - Calculate approximate volume of overlapped objects.
    • WeightDensity - Manage density of materials.
    • WeightOverlapped - Calculate approximate weight of overlapped objects.
    • WeightSolid - Calculate weight of solid objects.
  • Select
    • SelDotsByContent - Select dots by text content.
    • SelRandom - Select objects randomly.
    • SelSameDots - Select same content dots.


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