ASquared zero
(by Algorixon)
Freeware component to analyse the structural behaviour of beams under 4-point bending with a three-layered cross-section made from a shear-compliant core and two stiff faces.
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ASquared zero is a freeware component to study the 4-point bending behaviour of multilayered beams made from two outer rigid profiles and one shear-compliant intermediate layer, based on Allen theory of sandwich structures (1969).

Examples of multilayered beams are sandwich panels, laminated glasses and aluminium-polyamide structural elements. With a few inputs (beam length, load magnitude and location, cross-sectional geometry and elastic properties) it is possible to quickly study the composite effect and iterate through design options to optimise the cross-section by reducing material usage while retaining structural stiffness.

Fundamental research funded by the EPSRC Bright Ideas and Impact Accelerator. Authors: Jacopo Montali, Carlos Pascual Agulló, Mauro Overend. Developed by Algorixon.

For more information on the underlying theory, please read here.

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ASquared zero 1.0.12
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