Translate Earth Coordinates
(by visualizor)
Translate LAT/LONG coordinates into Rhino model coordinates, given the EarthAnchorPoint has been set
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An updated version of this tool can be found in the PCPA_GH plugin

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This is a set of three components that helps translate Earth coordinates into Rhino model coordinates. The frist step is to make sure an EarthAnchorPoint has been defined in the Rhino model. If not, use EarthAnchorPoint command to set it up. As a rule of thumb, the farther a supplied LAT/LONG coordinate is away from the EarthAnchorPoint, the less accurate its position is because of not only possible inaccuracies in setting up EarchAnchorPoint but also the fact that a globe is not flat like Rhino's XY plane. Also beware that if you change location in the Rhino sun settings, it would override the EarthAnchorPoint.

To use, download and extract .ghpy file and place it in GH libraries folder. Put .ghuser in user objects folder. This script is intended for Rhino 6 and created in tandem with the Pelli Clarke Pelli Architect's R&D effort. Use at your own risk.

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