Studio 3DX by Parametricos
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Studio 3DX is a Cloud BIM and GIS software developed by Parametricos. Geolocate your IFC models in an organised structure and collaborate in real-time
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The Studio 3DX provides you with a Cloud-based toolkit that securely stores and visualises 3D Models and/or Building Information Modeling (BIM), along with any other digital asset and documentation associated with your construction project, on a private account.

Using this approach we do our best to empower you with the tools to test their architectural proposals and geocoordinate your digital assets on online 3D maps using Geospatial data.

Are you a VisualARQ​ user? We are excited to share our latest collaboration by giving away a 100€ discount for your annual subscription on Studio 3DX. You can export your IFC 2x3 file from Rhino3D using the VisualARQ software.

In just a few steps we show you how to visualise your 3D BIM IFC files from VisualARQ to Studio 3DX, then create your own project-specific model matrix and collaborate with all your stakeholders and customers on the cloud. 

Dive into the power of your IFC structure in our 3D BIM GIS visualiser to select and isolate any element with all its parameters in your fingertips and project-wide issues right from 3D!

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Currently working on:
Importing and styling geospatial layers inside each project.

16 April 2020:
Added real-time update on the creation of issues from inside the BIM GIS viewer.

10 April 2020:
Create issues from inside the BIM viewer.

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