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Makes model and layout spaces independent.
Minimizes layout verification after model space modifications.
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Author : JF Lahos 2019/07/19, updated 2020/04/30        (no additional UI, only new behaviors)
In layout space : All model layers will be always visibles (layout and detail spaces left untouched)
Model space has its own layers state. (Can be seen in layers state manager under SafeLayout_ModelLayersState)
A new layer visibility is False in every details by default. It can be modified (new_layer_visible = False (or True)).
If shift key is pressed while the layer is created, SafeLayout is disabled.
To print, make sure to be in layouts. All model layers will be visible. No fail-safe procedure yet.

Run file at Rhino start (Options | General | Command Lists)
-_RunPythonScript "your_path\". Or run it in python editor. Get the latest version by clicking [website].

I'm developping a plugin version. If I see interest, I'll publish it.
Please let me know if it is useful (or not) and what else could ease the layout production.

Disclaimer : Use at your own risk.

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