Rendering jewelry with KeyShot
(by smasher)
Throughout this course you will be taken through creating different rendering scenes from scratch, and you will have your own photo realistic renders
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What will you learn in this Rendering jewelry with KeyShot course?

  • Start with some basic understanding of rendering in general
  • Dive into methods and principles of getting photorealistic renders
  • Learn what computer hardware is important when rendering
  • How to prepare your 3D models for rendering
  • Round/fillet edges using 4 different methods
  • Use the HDRI for lighting
  • Learn to import 3D objects the right way
  • Advance your scenes with adding props
  • Create your own materials
  • Use labels
  • Setting up lighting and environment
  • Get creative with camera position
  • Add simple camera and object animation
  • Add image styles to your final renders
  • Learn how to do post processing of stills and animations
  • Add diamond and metal highlights and sparkle using 3rd party plugins
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