Live Online Training Hull Design and Fairing for Professionals
(by Gerard Petersen)
Learn modeling, fairing and reverse-engineering vessel hulls yourself with Rhino. This training teaches a versatile method for ships/ boats and yachts
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Follow and finish this training now within three weeks’ time with four live sessions.

Rapid Hull Modeling for Ships / Yachts / Workboats / Multihulls

Class-A Fairing – Final Design – Fairing for Production – Hull Optimization – Reverse Engineering – Hull from GA/ Lines-Plan – Advanced Analysis – Modeling Strategies – Developable Hulls

Three training modules are covered in four live training sessions of two hours. In between the live sessions you practice the exercises as self-study with the instructional videos and written out exercises.

For trainees around the world, each session is offered twice per day. Central European Time (CET): 09:00 – 11:00 h. (Group 1) and 17:00 – 19:00 h. (Group 2).

The trainer is naval architect Gerard Petersen, one of the developers of the method and fairing professional.

Learn more about the method Rapid Hull Modeling:

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Gerard Petersen (naval architect)

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