ColorSwatch Toolbar
(by ufuboceros)
A pack of toolbars that helps you assign predefined colors to your objects with one left click, and select the objects with that color on right click.
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What is new in v4?

  • Added: Right clicking now selects all objects using that color
  • Added: Predefined toolbars to use with different toolbar layouts:
  • 4 sizes: S, M, L and XL toolbars with 12, 16, 24 and 42 colors
  • Vertical and horizontal toolbar layouts for L and XL toolbars
  • Standard (can be used in both directions) and compact layouts for S and M toolbars
  • Most colors now match with available colors in Rhino's color picker
  • Added: New colors!
  • Visually grouped colors according to wavelengths.
  • Minor changes such as RGB(192,128,64) is now RGB(191,127,63); as the range is 0-255 instead of 1-256.
  • Major changes to apply a systematical palette (see the guide at the bottom)
  • Toolbars support all button sizes: small (16px), medium (24px) and large (32px). (Note that this option can be changed in "Options>Toolbars>Size and Styles" and applied to all Rhino UI)
  • Added: Support Buttons:
  • Direct link to Ufuboceros with QR code included (Yes, it works! ;) )
  • "Ask a question" shortcut for direct e-mail
  • "Report a bug" shortcut for bugs and suggestions, also for wishes.

Known bugs:

"S Compact" toolbar has no tab icon. It disappears even after saving toolbar file.


How to install ColorSwatch?

  • First, download the toolbar file below and extract it from the archive.
  • Drag and drop the .rui file into Rhino window.
  • You should see the toolbars now. 


How to use ColorSwatch?

Using cascading toolbar button to open toolbar:

  • Hold shift and grab the button you want to use
  • Drag and drop it to your toolbar collection

Keeping as a toolbar:

  • Grab the toolbar tab you want to use
  • Drag and drop it to your own toolbar group

Using Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Open Options window, navigate to Keyboard item
  • Select a shortcurt (I prefer "CTRL+Shift+C" combination)

Copy and paste the macro for the toolbar you want to use:

  • -PopupToolbar "ColorSwatch v4 XL Horizontal"
  • -PopupToolbar "ColorSwatch v4 XL Vertical"
  • -PopupToolbar "ColorSwatch v4 L Horizontal"
  • -PopupToolbar "ColorSwatch v4 L Vertical"
  • -PopupToolbar "ColorSwatch v4 M"
  • -PopupToolbar "ColorSwatch v4 M Compact"
  • -PopupToolbar "ColorSwatch v4 S"
  • -PopupToolbar "ColorSwatch v4 S Compact"
  • Click "OK".
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