Web Updates

Web Updates


  • New Resource type: Frameworks.


  • New Resource type: VisualARQ styles


  • Fixed wrong message if a bad link was entered in File section during App creation.<
  • Added a tooltip to the Link option in App creation page File section.


  • Fixed Login issues.


  • Companion software and Service page display and options updated


  • Improved download system to avoid standard popup blockers.


  • Fixed an error when displaying app platform icons


  • Platform options changed: Grasshopper for Windows for Rhino 6 and Grasshopper for Windows for Rhino 4&5


  • New Resource type: Service.


  • Statistics page updated: now includes history graphs on content, users and downloads from last few years.
  • New details on apps and resources: category and license.
  • New details on resources: Resource Type.


  • New fields added in Resources: images and media.
  • Apps are now classified as Trial or Free


  •       Solved an issue with registration from Asia
  •       Categories now apply to Apps and Resources.
  •       Search engine improved:
    •    Most of the filters are now excluding filters in order to get wider search possibilities.
    •    Platform filter allows for single option choices
  •       New Scripts and Grasshopper Definitions section on home page.


  • User session increased to 30 days.


  • "Additional Software" category redesigned - Download button is replaced by Website button in order to directly access to the software website.
  • Search page - Counter added to each filter
  • Statistics page - New design : http://www.food4rhino.com/stats
  • Reviews - A link to Support Forum is added in the review form so users can easily contact with developers if they need any help.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed creating Apps or Resources without File or Link.


  • Added general statistics page


New version of food4Rhino released:

  • New Resources types added:
    • Scripts (Python)
    • Scripts (VB)
    • Grasshopper Definitions
  • Reviews design enhanced for better clarity
  • Prices display changed on front page and browser
  • Support e-mail and forum options added to the Resources
  • Search filters were lost when page was changed in the browser. This is fixed. 
  • Last download date is added in the users list which is now ordered in descendant order using this date
  • Enhancements and issues fixed in ratings.


New version of food4Rhino released!

  • New design and new platform

All pages load now much faster. Browse seamlessly to quickly get what you need.
See first what was last updated (reviews are not considered anymore as an update)

  • Better search experience

New search system using keywords and filters (platform, type, market segment…) to easily find all the apps and resources you need.

  • Ever growing community

More than 250 apps.
1.800.000 downloads ever.
50.000 downloads/month.

  • Publish your content faster

As a developer you will find it much easier and faster to upload any content.
Add all the information and files to download on one unique page for each App or Resource.
Manage all your content from one page.

  • New resource types

It is now possible to upload and download scripts, toolbars, additional software, tutorials. More types will be added in the future.