Parametric Modelling Tools for 3D Design and Optimisation
(by Theofanis)

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The automated 3D CAD Parametric Modelling Tools based on low-DOF representations enable a set of advantages:


  • Extremely fast automated design of any kind of models (marine: expertise in ship hulls, mechanical, civil, etc.);
  • Models use low-DOF algebraic representations, enabling easy refinement of the final models due to the extremely low number of control points;
  • Increased flexibility, i.e., rich design space of the produced models;
  • Geometric robustness of the final models, no self intersections, wholes, etc.;
  • Capability to create single-surface models, vanishing the problematic areas with G0 continuity;
  • Increased fairness of the surfaces with minimised redundant curvature oscillations;
  • Increased smoothness, with at least G1 continuous surfaces;
  • Fast optimisation, with the aid of innovative techniques, specialised for each scenario;
  • CFD optimisation works hand in hand with Parametric Modelling tools for fast and robust results;