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As a designer and CAD modeler, I have been creating jewelry for various companies and jewelers since 2007. I work on unique pieces and small collections with and for goldsmiths, jewelers and consumers, both individually and in teams. Most of the pieces are part of the “Haute Jewellery” category and feature large, rare colored stones and diamonds that have a strong influence on the design.

I also create my own collections and concepts, which reflect more on my work as a visual artist. In my work, both the approach as a designer and that of an engineer are very important. Over the years I have been able to develop a deep understanding of the requirements of this craft for my work and the preparation for production through close collaboration with many goldsmiths. I offer design, engineering and visualization up to production-ready data for 3d printing.


  • Concept development
  • Design
  • 3d Modelling
  • Engineering
  • Rendering and animation